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Yoga Nidra with Malaika

Experience the deeply healing practice of Yoga Nidra both online and in-person through Laughing River Yoga

Malaika is passionate about many things, but mostly the ancient science and art of Yoga Nidra. to her Yoga Nidra practice and the state of Yoga Nidra is the most potent form of healing and fulfillment of them all.  Her dedicated practice to Yoga Nidra stared over 10 years ago and leads powerful Yoga Nidra workshops continuously and has recently created the Awakening the Soul- Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Apprenticeship program to train others in this incredibly impactful offering. 

For a free Yoga Nidra practice with Malaika, click here. To buy a video to download and add to your personal library, click here

Malaika also offers monthly Yoga Nidra classes at the Burlington Surf Club through Laughing River Yoga. This monthly gathering will include gentle movement, long held restorative poses, self-massage, aromatherapy and a journey into the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra. All are welcome. To register, click here.

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