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Chace Mill

chace mill  

Need a ride? We are partnering with Carshare VT to give our students $25 of driving credit by creating a new account and using promo code LAUGHINGRIVERYOGA


There is no way to fully honor the role that our past plays in our present without acknowledging that our studio rests on unceded Abenaki Land that belongs to the Indigenous Peoples of Vermont. We encourage all who join us to uplift the voices of Indigenous Peoples and to recognize past and present colonizers' relentless attempts to erase them from history.


With the original hardwood floors still intact, the Chace Mill space is rich with history.

Once a hub for manufacturing and production located along the Winooski river, the Chace Mill sourced the power of the rushing river water in order to provide energy for local industry.


Like a wise elder, the Chace Mill is a living, breathing testament to the role that our history plays in our future. Whether for drop-in classes, workshops, or yoga teacher trainings, our studio in the Chace Mill has held space for the growth, the joy, the pain and the healing of thousands of yoga practitioners over the past 10 years.

The Grandmother of our studio spaces, the Chace Mill is a one-of-a-kind space with plenty of stories to tell.


Join us to experience the magic of the Mill. 

The Chace Mill has a wheelchair accessible entrance and gender neutral bathrooms on the second floor. 

Surf Club

surf club

pano pavilion.JPG




The Burlington Surf Club is located at 32 Lakeside Ave- 

down the beach from the St. John's Club and behind the Hula building. Join us for daily yoga classes all Summer long on the picturesque lakefront yoga deck! 


Parking is available in the Surf Club lot (follow the HULA driveway to the end.) First 2 hours are free! Check in at the front desk & enter your plate number so you are not accidentally charged. Handicap parking is available.


You could also walk or bike to the Club and enter through the bike path entrance!


hula lakeside

The HULA Lakeside studio was designed with the modern worker in mind. Now offering weekly drop-in classes, Laughing River Yoga at HULA aims to nourish the bodies and minds of the creative, forward-thinking innovators at the HULA Campus.

Overlooking Lake Champlain, this new co-working environment is ushering in a new age of leaders to Burlington. Bringing fresh, new energy to a once
under-utilized area of town, we like to think of HULA like the rising sun, welcoming a “new day” for the HULA community and beyond.


Parking is available in the lot at 125 Lakeside ave (on your left just before the bridge.) The first 2 hours of parking are free for students. Students must validate their license plates on the Ipad in the fitness center upon arrival to avoid being charged!


The yoga studio is located in the fitness center of the 50 South Building of the HULA complex (the first building on your right after you go under the bridge.) Enter through the 50 South East Door off of the patio facing Lakeside Ave (pictured here.) The fitness center is just to your left.


There are limited props available in the HULA space, bring your own when possible!

The HULA building has wheelchair accessible entrances and gender neutral bathrooms.

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