300 hour teacher training

300 hour Yoga Teacher Training  

The Laughing River Yoga 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification is open to yoga teachers who already have their 200 hr certification. The training combines workshops at the studio, classes, mentoring and self study to make up 300 hours of training.  Combined with your previous 200 hrs this equals a 500 hr yoga teacher certification.  The training has two parts.  Part One includes the Teacher Enhancement Program, workshops and classes at the studio.  Part Two includes working with a mentor to self design a program that meets your individual needs.  The program will consist of one on one mentoring, observation and assists, privates, workshops and retreats.  Together, you and your mentor will carve an individual path that works for you.

Lisa G.

“The Laughing River Yoga Teacher Training Program is the best thing I ever did for myself.”

Liz W.

One of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life.
I wish I could do it all over again

Ashley L.

Nine months ago I was a totally different person from who I am now. I feel more whole, loving (and loved) today than I ever have before and I am so excited and able to share this transformative inspiration with others.


This training is geared towards aspiring teachers as well as serious practitioners who do not expect to teach but wish to deepen their understanding of all aspects of yoga.  Our teacher training will encourage and support you in doing the work necessary to deepen your understanding of who you are.  Come study what you love in a safe, supportive and dynamic environment.


Emily Garrett


Malaika DosRemedios


  • Teacher Enhancement Program $675 (100 hrs)

  • 5 weekend workshops $775 (50 hrs)

  • Required workshops are offered yearly and include:

    • Together We Rise with Candace

    • Yin Yoga and the Koshas with Emily

    • Three 10 class cards $360 (30-45 hrs)

  • The estimated total for part one is $1810

  • (VSAC GRANT ELIGIBLE).  You are not required to pay in advance.  Pay as you go for workshops and classes.


  • 5 weekend workshops $700 (50 hrs)

  • Mentorship Program $750 (55 hrs)

  • 2 Private Yoga Sessions $120 (2 hrs)

  • 4 In class privates with feedback (8 hrs)

  • Total estimated for part two is $1575 (VSAC GRANT ELIGIBLE). You are not required to pay in advance.  Pay as you go for workshops and classes.

  • Prices are an estimate

  • For part 2 you can fine tune the above to fit your needs.

    • For example, perhaps you want to do more more mentor sessions and less classes or more privates and less classes. As long as the total hours make 300 there are options. We will work with you to help create the program that best fits your needs.


Interested in the 300 hr training?  Sign up for the Teacher Enhancement Program which begins in March, and start taking classes and workshops.  Once you have completed Part One we will get together and start mapping out Part Two, including finding you the right mentor.  Mindbody will keep track of all your hours so we can check at any point to see where you are.  Ready to commit? Want to learn more and determine how and why this program could be right for YOU? 

Contact emily@laughingriveryoga.com to schedule a phone consult. 

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