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April at LRY: SHADOW

As we head into a full solar eclipse on April 8, we contemplate the meaning and insight of the shadow. As one progresses along the yogic path, it is not all sunshine and rainbows. You probably know this already. :)  Through awareness, the hidden parts of ourselves are revealed and we have the opportunity to work with these pieces. In essence, our shadow comes to light.

This is a wonderful opportunity! In order to truly know, and love, ourselves we must embrace the difficult pieces. This includes our flaws, insecurities, pain, and hidden layers.

When we see our shadow we can offer it love and compassion. Forgiveness even. This frees us from the past and allows us to step more fully into the light.  

We encourage you to prepare for the energetic shift that is coming by letting go of old baggage that no longer serves you, amping up your yoga and meditation practice, and planning to be conscious and aware on the eclipse day.

In darkness and light,

emily and the lry team

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