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Walking with Whiteness

with Trish Derocher

Don't wait- sign up now to claim your spot!

What can you expect from our upcoming workshop?

Watch this conversation between Emily and Trish as they discuss the importance and benefits of registering for this workshop!

What would it be like to love yourself unconditionally? To know and bring healing light to your ancestral lineage? To feel more connected to the community as a whole?

This eight month journey is not about learning to be a certain way or say the right thing. It is about knowing what we, as white bodied people, carry in our bodies, consciousness, and nervous systems so that we can deconstruct the pieces that perpetuate division and move toward a more integrated state of being, in ourselves and in the world.

Throughout this virtual program, we'll ask the questions: What is whiteness? What is white supremacy? And how do those of us with Euro-American ancestry come to understand the way it shapes our understanding of ourselves, the world, and each other?

This virtual course will manifest healing on a deep, cellular level. If you are interested in doing the emotional labor necessary to heal the past, with the support of a small, intimate group and under the guidance of compassionate, skilled facilitators then we invite you to join us and participate in creating a brighter future for all.

All proceeds to support Laughing River Yoga’s Yoga Equity Project and provide BIPOC scholarships through Transformative Consciousness.

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