Walking with Whiteness: An Anti-Racism Workshop for White-Bodied Yogis

with Trish DeRocher 

White-body supremacy is an uncomfortable and undeniable part of our cultural inheritance in the United States at this time. The political unrest surrounding continued police brutality and the devastating effects of the pandemic on low-income BIPOC communities this past year have only amplified this reality. But what exactly is "whiteness"? What exactly do people mean by "structural racism"? And what can white-bodied people do in tangible, daily ways to not perpetuate these inequities?


This 3-hour introductory body-based workshop is intended for white-bodied people who are ready to confront the ways in which whiteness unconsciously informs our thoughts, words, and actions in our relationships and communities.


We will hold compassionate space for white-bodied yogis who are ready to explore some of the internalized fear, shame, and discomfort that can accompany conversations about racial trauma and white-body privilege.


The workshop will engage the body, mind, and spirit by beginning with intentional pranayama (breathwork) and mindfulness exercises to center us in our bodies so that we can approach this work from a centered, grounded state.


We will then move into lecture and Q&A time to introduce participants to some of the terminology and concepts used to discuss structural racism, while offering space to ask uncomfortable questions.


Participants will be guided into their bodies to somatically explore their embodied fear reactions to discussions of racial trauma, with optional journaling prompts. We will close our time together with  nourishing yoga asana to reset the nervous system. Participants will receive suggested readings and self-study exercises to work with beyond the workshop.

All proceeds will support Candace Taylor's Conscious Homestead, a BIPOC Urban Farm & Wholeness Retreat.

This workshop will be held online via ZOOM.

September 19, 2021

Suggested Donation: $25/$45

All proceeds will go to support Candace Taylor's Conscious Homestead, a BIPOC Urban Farm & Wholeness Retreat.