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Feeling Anxious?

How are you relating to the undercurrent of unknowns these days?

Stress and anxiety have a huge impact on our overall health and wellbeing. We can literally worry ourselves sick! We can also commit to our physical and mental health and develop practices that help to maintain a balanced system, and in turn, improve the quality of our lives.

Join Emily Garrett an upcoming series:

Yoga for Anxiety. February 7-March 7, 4:30-5:30pm

Sneak Peek-

This simple breathing technique is a great way to regulate your nervous system and quell anxiety.

Lie down and place your shins on a chair or couch. Grab a blanket or pillow for under your head if that’s more comfortable for your neck.

Place a sand bag or a bag of rice or beans or something heavy, thick blankets maybe, on your abdomen. Whatever you have placed on your belly, try to move it up and down with your breath. Feel it it rise and fall.

Eventually, focus on slowing down the exhale and receiving the inhale. Over time, let the exhale grow 1 or 2 counts longer than the inhale.

Do this for five to ten minutes or so and then just let the breath move naturally. Notice how you feel.

Want to learn more yogic tools to work with anxiety?

Check out our upcoming four week series.

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