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White-bodied healers must "wake up" to their whiteness.

Trish Derocher, a queer white-bodied healer located in Vermont, has their own history of "waking up" to whiteness. With a PhD from the University of Minnesota in the study of transnational feminism and solidarity movements, Derocher is urging other white-bodied healers to confront the ways that their white-bodies effect their capacity to heal and hold space for BIPOC clients. Whether massage therapists, life coaches, or yoga instructors, white-bodied healers and their commitment to confronting their whiteness will play a critical role in the dismantling of the myth of white supremacy and ultimately guide us toward collective liberation for all.

Read Derocher's piece, "Waking Up to Whiteness: An Open Letter to White-Bodied Healing Practitioners" here.

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