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Benefits of morning meditation~

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

There are amazing health benefits to morning meditation, in fact, it's one of the best and most productive ways to start your day.

Here are some reasons to meditate in the morning:

1. Lower levels of stress and anxiety

Consistent meditation can help improve your ability to manage stress and anxiety, and is best practiced in the morning when the mind is relatively clear (and it's less likely you'll doze off!) Meditation practice directly effect the amygdala, the fear & stress center of our brain, reducing its reactivity and maintaining a healthy balance of stress hormones in the body. If you tend to wake up with anxiety about the rest of your day and your "to-do" lists, even 5-10 minutes of meditation when you first wake up and before you check your devices can help prepare your mind and body to tackle the day with more presence and ease.

2. Improve mood

Research has shown that just 10 minutes of meditation per day can help improve your mood. When practicing regularly, you can literally start to change the way that your brain responds to stress and anxiety. Equipped with the tools to navigate and manage your stress and anxiety more effectively, you can walk through the world with more ease in your body & mind, ushering in a newfound sense of contentment and joyfulness. When we move through the day with more joy, the benefits will ripple out into the world around us and multiply tenfold. See for yourself!

3. Boost productivity and focus

It has become increasingly common for yoga & meditation to be offered in the workplace as employers catch on to the benefits of mindfulness practices in improving productivity and focus. When we sit in meditation and make the conscious choice to focus on the breath as opposed to the ever changing conditions of the mind, we can begin to improve our ability to focus. Whether returning in-person to your workplace or continuing to work from home, a daily morning meditation practice can help to set you up for success.

Want to change your morning routine for the better?

Every weekday morning during the month of September an LRY teacher will offer a free 15-min meditation via ZOOM from 7-7:15am. No previous meditation experience necessary, all are welcome. Click here to sign up!

As long as you are signed up, you can reuse this link every morning of the meditation!

Meeting ID: 850 5221 0309 Passcode: 468969

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