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An interview with Emily G. about TEP

Are you interested in the Teacher Enhancement Training but not sure if its for you? We asked all the questions you might be thinking to help guide your decision. Check out this interview with LRY owner, Emily Garrett.

Who is the TEP for? Who should take the TEP?

The TEP is for yoga teachers, teaching at least one class per week, who want to improve their teaching skills. If you feel ready to deepen your knowledge and take your teaching to the next level, this course is for YOU.

What will I learn in the TEP? How will it help me?

You will learn from a faculty of experienced teachers about the following:

  • Yoga philosophy

  • Theming classes

  • Skillful assists

  • Sanskrit

  • Teaching pranayama

  • Restorative and Yin yoga

  • The basics of Trauma-informed teaching

  • The role of yoga in the modern world

  • How to understand cultural appropriation and stay connected to yoga's roots

We will also adapt the program to the unique needs and desires of the group. The community that we create can work together to shape the curriculum. For example if there is a demand to dive into mantra practice, then that can be interwoven into the curriculum. So there is a structure and the group can fine tune the structure.

Because there is a diverse range of topics and teachers within the group, the TEP will also help you to affirm what you love about teaching yoga and how you can deepen your study and commitment to that. Many teachers, with time, will start to get a sense of which area of study they are most passionate about. The TEP can help you determine what that is and what direction is most natural and exciting for you to move toward. It serves you NOW and also directs you into the future, all in your unique and right way.

Is it all in-person? I want to join but I'm nervous about COVID, what are you doing to keep us safe?

Yes. The TEP is all in person at the Chace Mill location. We chose to begin at the end of March so that more people will be vaccinated by then and likely it will be warm enough to open the windows. We have high quality air filtration systems in place in the studio, low particles in the air which we check regularly, a robust COVID screening process, limited class size, and teachers who are either vaccinated or regularly tested for COVID. Masks and social distancing will be required until the rules change. For the later weekends, we have the option of moving the class outdoors to the Burlington Surf Club. To learn more about what we are doing in response to COVID-19, and keeping our space safe, click here.

What sets your 300 hour program apart from other studios?

Our 300 hour program has some of the most experienced faculty in the northeast. Together, their diverse and complementary expertise offers a robust and whole body of knowledge. This includes instruction on all aspects of yoga; history and philosophy, the energetics, meditation, psychology, how to hold space, fine tuning one's personal practice, and informed and accessible instruction on anatomy and assists.

Our 300 hour program is personal. It works with the student to create a self directed study track that meets the student where they are and moves them in the direction that they want to go in. In addition to group trainings, It includes an invaluable one on one mentorship component that gives the student personalized, individual support.

Interested in learning more or have questions? Email to set up a FREE phone consultation to determine if the TEP can support you in your continued evolution as a yoga teacher.

To learn more about our program, visit our TEP page by clicking here.

All are welcome to join the Laughing River School of Yoga.

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