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January at LRY: PAUSE

Pausing is power.

When we pause, we give our wisdom room to breathe and the opportunity to be realized. 

So often we are moving too quickly to notice our body’s cues or to be aware of the looping thought patterns that keep us stuck. A culture of consumerism, busyness, and ‘new year, new me’ resolutions thrives on our disconnection and depletion. 

Here's your invitation -- Slow down to wake up! 

Pause to notice your body.

Is there a message your body is signaling?

Pause to notice your thoughts.

What narratives or stories are present?

Pause to notice any emotion(s).

Can you allow it space to exist without needing to change it?

When we are firmly rooted in the practice of pausing, we realize we have choice in life and where we place our attention. We can respond with skill rather than react from fear. We can be present with ourselves and our loved ones. We can discern what is on the other side of our impulses. In pausing, we are seated in our own power in the present moment.

We wish you many sweet moments of pause, of peace, of love in 2024.

Christina & the LRY team

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