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Yin Yoga: A Journey Into the Subtle Body

***This intensive counts as 15 hours toward the 300 hr training.


Yin Yoga is a necessary component of any complete practice. We live in a yang culture, and it is imperative that we create balance by learning how to slow down, be present, and attend to the needs of our ever changing bodies. Attending to our needs requires cultivating a more subtle, and potent, awareness. In this week-long intensive we will practice slowing down and tuning in. 


Learn how to use props wisely, adjust the poses for different body types and injuries, and ways to create an environment conducive to stillness and self inquiry. This will allow you to fine tune your practice so that you can expand your awareness, deepen your understanding of your patterns and work toward balance.


Themes include, but are not limited to, working with low back pain, shoulder injuries, digestive issues, headaches, anxiety and depression.


This week-long intensive will be held in-person at the Chace Mill M-F 8-11 am. There will be optional reading homework each night for those in the 300 hr training.

Monday June 3-Friday June 7, 2024
M-F, 8-11am


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