emily garrett

owner, teacher


Emily Garrett is a seeker, teacher, practitioner, yoga teacher trainer, business owner, mother, wife, friend, neighbor, and community member. She advocates for healing and presence through teaching yoga classes, mentoring humans, parenting children, and engaging in open hearted, courageous conversation

Body wisdom and quest for knowledge are, and always have been, the two main drives in her life.  


Through running her own business, raising two children, re-creating a marriage that was falling apart, and teaching and training thousands of yoga students throughout her career, she has experienced what is truly necessary to integrate the spacious, blissed out post yoga feeling with the messy truth of real life.  


Emily has put her energy and life behind the challenging but rewarding practice of embracing the dualities of yogic theory and day-to-day lived experience.  She is excited to share the tools she has developed over twenty years of teaching and to activate YOU to do the work that will transform you into becoming the leader you want to be in your life.

To learn more about Emily's programming, head to her website.