emily garrett

owner, teacher

The owner of Laughing River Yoga, where she co-directs the Laughing River Yoga Teacher Training, Emily is grateful to be part of a loving and supportive community of teachers and students.

Emily taught her first class to a group of homeless women in 1999. Immediately, she recognized the power of sharing yoga and since that day, has continued to share the teachings. Emily’s classes emphasize that through yoga and meditation practice we can learn to be present in our lives.
Emily is the owner of Laughing River Yoga where she co-directs the Laughing River Yoga Teacher Training. Her studies include work with Jill Satterfield, Nevine Michaan, Simon Park, Tias Little, Jon Fabbro and Leslie Howard, with whom she received her certification as a Pelvic Floor Yoga Teacher. She has a committed meditation practice in the Shambala tradition and learns the big practice of presence through being a mom to two beautiful children.

Grounded and warm, Emily brings to her classes a thorough understanding of alignment, patience, and an invitation to compassionately explore one’s self. It is the deep inner stillness she hopes to share with her students, the sense that they are perfect as they are.

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