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sienna devoe-talluto



I've been attracted to movement and healing energy my entire life.  I've dedicated myself to studying yoga, meditation, energy work, and ceremonial womb care. All  of my work is rooted in connection with the healing power of Mother Earth.  My purpose as a teacher and a healer is to facilitate experiences that allow your body's natural wisdom to move more freely.

My practice is guided by the many teachers who have led me to where I am today. Sofi Dilloff, Julia Howe-Sulivan, and Emily Garrett shared their wisdom with me as I became a yoga teacher at Laughing River YogaMackensey Smith and Adina Marie shared with me the beauty and love of Reiki. Samantha ZipporahAshley Hartman-Annis, and Whitney Miley-Price have all been mentor's for me throughout my  journey with Fertility Awareness. Nana Rosalia, Nana Reina, and Nana Ixqkik are Mayan spiritual guides and midwives who I've had the honor of learning from. I hold deep love and gratitude for all the people how have touched my heart on this journey.

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