At LRY, we strive to provide a sanctuary where people of all body types, abilities and backgrounds can find community, heal, and grow. We encourage you to look at yourself with absolute honesty and lovingly accept where you are now.  

At the same time, we inspire you to initiate positive change within yourself and your community.

Come as you are.  Discover all you can be.


Teacher Trainings




Here at Laughing River Yoga we believe that a healthy body and tranquil mind are the happy by products of yoga practice.  Our classes, retreats, and workshops offer you the opportunity to grow strong, to question your beliefs and to deepen your understanding of who you are. Our teachings are steeped in the knowledge that all Beings have the ability to realize their true nature of Love and that through this realization our thoughts, words, and actions will cultivate a more peaceful world. The warm, clean studio provides a safe place for you to find community, heal, and grow.
Come join us. We invite you to look within, laugh, and open to your unlimited potential.

We are delighted that you have found us and wish you success on your Yogic journey.

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