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Pride Training to Create Inclusive Spaces

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Laughing River Yoga recently offered a staff-wide training hosted by the Pride Center VT*, around how to create spaces that are inclusive for the LGBTQ community.

Pieces of this work include looking at our own belief systems and  asking “Is this true?”, allowing ourselves to feel discomfort, continuing conversations, and using more conscious language.  Not only is this a way to create a more inclusive space, but it also questions our programmed beliefs around gender and sex.  To us, this is the yoga.  From the training it’s clear that there is a lot more room for ambiguity, for not needing to fit everything into a neat category, that allows people to be as they are. We’ll be passing along some resources and a series of notes from the training. Please review and ENJOY the material. We look forward to continuing the conversation.Read more about our studio’s founding four tenants and mission.

*The Pride Center is located next to August First Bakery.  It is dog friendly and has a 3,000 book library.  You are welcome to drop-in at anytime, learn about the center, and peruse the library.

Pride Training: The Gender Unicorn

When we participated in a training with Pride Center VT, they shared this fun graphic that helps us to look at different ways sex and gender can manifest.  As you look at the diagram, you will notice that there are multiple combinations of sex, gender, and attraction.  There is not only one way or even two or three, but many ways that we can express ourselves as humans.  Try filling it out and see what arise for you.  We would love to hear about it.

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