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My year at Laughing River Yoga

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

"Like many people, I found myself at a crossroad last August. Turning 50 and realizing that for the last 20+ yrs, I voluntarily put myself last. I had been busy for many years, being a wife, mother of 3 and a business owner. I was so blessed, but became blind to gratitude because life became so hectic and exhausting. I was depleted emotionally, mentally and definitely physically. I suffered from chronic lower back pain, sciatica and foot/leg cramping. I also suffered from depression due to my body/mind/spirit feeling uninspired and just blah with day to day life.

I needed to make a commitment to myself to find my gratitude and joy again. I needed something gentle, to go at my own pace and with no judgment. I needed a peaceful environment surrounding myself with people, like me, on their own journey. Teachers that were inviting and warm but gave me space until I was ready to engage.

Laughing River Yoga had everything that I needed to start healing myself. I made a commitment to myself and with my family’s encouragement….I dove in.

I attended, almost daily, gentle and restorative classes for 7 months. Then slowly added vinyasa classes as I became stronger.I immediately had deep appreciation for the thought put into each class and workshop by the instructors to make sure that each minute spent there is meaningful and useful to the body. I attended wonderful meditation workshops that taught me how to help quiet my mind when I get anxious and stressed. I was truly embracing my yoga practices in every way on the mat and off. Joy and gratitude naturally returned.

Then Covid shutdown entered and my anxiety was rising. LRY quickly evaluated their yogis needs and came through for all of us during a very stressful time. Having virtual live and tapped classes for every level available to everyone during a historically difficult time in our world. LRY made my daily yoga practice as seamless as possible during the covid shutdown. Since reopening, again, LRY has made every effort to provide live virtual classes, outdoor classes and studio classes so all our needs are met ...covid safe.

As I approach my year anniversary with Laughing River Yoga I have been reflecting on how far I have come and the knowledge that my practice will continue to evolve. Physically, I feel stronger, more energized, free of my chronic pain and my flexibility has greatly improved. Such a gift at this point in my life when balance, bone and muscle strength are more important than ever. Mentally, I have made many positive changes on how I handle stress and anxiety. I found that I have been rewiring my ways of looking at life, focusing on gratitude and mindfulness. Emotionally, I feel grounded, centered and more at peace.

I am so grateful for Laughing River Yoga, the amazing knowledgeable teachers, the beautiful studio space, the various classes that will fit anyone's needs and their commitment to their yoga community and beyond. "

- Tanya

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