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LRY Donation Drive

Laughing River Yoga, in partnership with Winooski Mutual Aid, will be holding a donation drive ahead of WMA’s next PUMA (pop-up mutual aid) event. It is our hope that through this drive and PUMA event that we can provide folks with basic hygiene and household items that they may not otherwise be able to access.

From 3/25-4/9 there will be a bin just outside of the studio for you to leave your donations. Please place your donations in a bag, labeled with your name, inside of the collection bin. Please only donate items that are on this list, as they have been deemed highest priority by the Winooski Mutual Aid team.

**Hygiene Products: toothbrush, toothpaste (KIDS TOO!), liquid hand and body soap, shampoo, lotion, toilet paper, pads (no tampons right now)

**Cleaning products: laundry detergent in sm/med. Sized bottles, dish soap, sponges, non-heavy cleaners, sanitizing wipes, paper towels

**Foods: Non-perishable items (Jasmine rice, dried pinto beans and lentils, semolina flour, wheat flour, oats, kids cereal, pasta, rice, jarred or canned items, etc.)

In addition to the highest priority items listed, Gift Cards / monetary donations can be made via Venmo: Winooski_Mutualaid, Paypal:, or check payable to Winooski Mutual Aid.

Solidarity, not charity. No one is free until we are all free!

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