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Last week I met Lama Rod Owens.

Words from Devin Russell, LRY studio manager.

His offering, titled "Tantric Practices for the Apocalypse," acted on my nervous system before I even stepped foot inside of the space that night. I, like so many others, struggle with feelings of hopelessness and grief around the ever-worsening climate crisis. While the word "apocalyptic" has certainly come to mind on more than one occasion, this was the first time I had ever heard it addressed as such and without apology.

But that's Lama Rod for you, unapologetic. Unabashedly human. Dedicated to the hard labor of Self-love, the work of getting free. It is through this work, he says, that we can address the crisis of disembodiment that has destroyed our connection to our Selves and our bodies and in turn, the Earth- catapulting us into our current dilemma. After all, how can we connect with the Earth if we are unable or fearful to connect with ourselves and our true nature? How can we heal ourselves and the planet while simultaneously buying into the illusion that the two are separate entities?

Lama Rod invited us all to practice remembering where we came from and what we are made of, to consciously engage with the parts of ourselves that uphold the delusion of this duality in order to disrupt our suffering. His presence served as a reminder of what is possible personally and collectively when we center embodiment, self-love and radical acceptance. Thank you for reminding us, @lamarodofficial.

Here's to getting free.

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