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Mantra, Movement & Meditation

***This class series counts as 5 hours towards the Laughing River Yoga 300hr Teacher Training Program.


Mantra is something that protects or traverses(-tra) the mind (man-). Sanskrit mantras are much more than reciting sounds. They resonate within the subtle body and their meaning is delivered through sound. When practiced with intention and sincerity, these mystical and potent vibrations have the capacity to open up sacred knowledge, wisdom, and peace within.


This series will blend discussion, gentle movement, chanting, and meditation to guide students into the wisdom teachings of several revered Sanskrit mantras. Each class will explore the deeper meanings, pronunciation, and recitation of one mantra. Journeying from movement into stillness and from sound into silence, students will be led to drop into timeless teachings delivered through mantra practice to awaken inner clarity and embodied wisdom.


No experience with Sanskrit or mantra is necessary. All are welcome.

This class series will be held in-person at the Chace Mill.

Wednesdays June 12-July 3, 2024


4 Weeks/$62

10 Class Card/Monthly Unlimited

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