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Vinyasa Krama: The Energetics of Intelligent Sequencing 

***This weekend immersion counts as 10 hours towards Laughing River Yoga's 300hr Teacher Training Program


In this in-depth weekend immersion we will explore Vinyasa Krama (wise progression) to systematically and purposefully design transformational yoga classes. The sequencing of components is both a science and an art, offering a lot of space for creativity while also requiring a clear understanding of the physical, energetic, and emotional experiences at play. Learning what, when, and how to place a particular part of the class in a sequential order to bring the most beneficial experience is the aim of the weekend.


This course will include lecture, group discussion, self study, reading and collaborating in small groups. This is open to those looking to teach with more purpose, intent, and to have FUN learning more about that which you love!


-The energetic effects of all asanas and categories of postures
-How to create effective and potent classes using class plans, diagrams and scripts
-How to adapt practices based on your students needs that are always changing
-The art of sequencing to maximize biomechanical safety, effectiveness and purpose
-The art of cultivating a "class arc" from warming up the body to peak postures, and cooling down, to savasana and meditation.
-Yoga sequencing as a process to increase vital life force and heal the body and mind.
-Strategic planning of classes for creating powerful and purposeful experiences for yourself and for your offerings based in Yoga, Tantra, and Ayurveda
-Learn how to purposefully place specific asana, mediation, pranayama and bandha into class design.


Weekend Schedule:

Friday June 14, 6-8pm
Saturday June 15 and Sunday June 16, 12:30-4:30


This weekend immersion will be held in-person at the Chace Mill.

Friday June 14-Sunday June 16, 2024

Early Bird (ends May 3) $250/$325

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