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Welcome to Queer Sangha, an in-person, freely offered meditation group co-facilitated by Hayden (they/them) and Rebecca  (they/them) at Laughing River Yoga!


We're a group of Queers that like to sit/stand/lie down together to get free. All folks of the LGBTQIA2S+ alphabet soup, of any experience-level with Insight meditation/Vipassana, are welcome. We believe that sila (ethical practice) is the ground upon which we can awaken and the Dharma we connect with most is from teachers and laypeople who share intersectional identities.


Our bi-monthly meetings are a combination of meditation, dharma learning (talks or reading) and discussion. This group is held the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month (unless otherwise indicated on the Laughing River calendar). Dana (offerings) are optional and will be used to support more Queer meditation offerings and local LGBTQIA2S+ causes.


Please refrain from wearing scented products to this group to maintain a fragrance-free space.

June 11- October 1, 2023


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