joshua oyetubo


After a few introductory experiences, Joshua dedicated himself to the practice in May 2016. There is a saying that goes, "when the student is ready, a teacher arrives". After living in the same city for years; he became lost on his way to his very first yoga class. In a panic, at the wrong studio  and feeling disruptive, he was seen, greeted, and welcomed to join. Guided to continue to take up space for the next hour, Instead of what had been trained to do all of his life which was to make himself smaller, something clicked. Immediately, he felt drawn to this idea he later came to understand as Pratipaksha Bhavana. A yogic principle from the Yoga Sutras that suggests that one way to discontinue negative states of thinking is through the discipline of cultivating the opposite or "flipping the energy." This and so many experiences later led Joshua to begin his YTT journey in the spring for 2017, where he participated in Hilltops 200 & 500 Hr programs.

Joshua leads a Vinyasa Yoga class that combines the deep focus and alignment of Iyengar with the fluidity and energy of ashtanga. As a teacher, Joshua encourages mindfulness both on and off the mat, with a sprinkling of yoga philosophy, personal experience, and laughter.

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