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The HULA Lakeside studio was designed with the modern worker in mind. Now offering daily drop in classes and monthly pop up events, Laughing River Yoga at HULA aims to nourish the bodies and minds of the creative, forward-thinking innovators of the HULA Campus.

Overlooking Lake Champlain, this new co-working environment is ushering in a new age of leaders to Burlington. Bringing fresh, new energy to a once under-utilized area of town, we like to think of HULA like the rising sun, welcoming a “new day” for the HULA community and beyond. To learn about what we are doing in response to COVID-19, click here.   

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The first building that you see on your right after going underneath the bride, 50 South (pictured here), is where we'll be holding classes. You can park along the right side of the street, OR if there's an open spot in the small lot in front of the building you can park there (this is temporary, however.) Enter the front door and head left down the Main Hall to the "Overlook" to meet your teacher for your COVID screening.