Arriving to class

If I'm feeling sick, should I stay home? Yes. If you are or have been showing signs of respiratory illness, please self-quarantine for 14 days before coming to Chace Mill or Surf Club classes. If you are actively exhibiting symptoms, teachers reserve the right to ask you to come back another time. 

Should I bring my own props? Yes, in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic we will no longer be offering props (including yoga mats) for student use during class. If you need to purchase props, visit our merch page. 


Do I need to register ahead of time? Yes. Pre-registration is required for all Virtual, Chace Mill & Surf Club classes. Register through our website or the MINDBODY app on your device.


Do I need to wear a mask? We ask that you wear your mask when entering the Chace Mill and when making your way to the Burlington Surf Club Yoga Deck. Once class begins, you can take your mask off. Teachers will be required to wear a mask at both locations. Please put your mask back on when class ends.


Where do I get changed? In order to reduce the amount of people in the check-in area of the Chace Mill, we have closed both changing areas. Please arrive to class at the Chace Mill and Surf Club dressed & ready for class. 


What is the safety protocol for arrival? When you arrive at the Chace Mill and/or Surf Club, please use the hand sanitizer provided, maintain social distancing with teachers and fellow students, and lay down your mat on one of the marked spaces provided. 


What is the difference between on-demand and live stream? Our virtual classes are live-streamed, meaning you are taking the class live along with other students and your instructor. On-demand means that the class is pre-recorded and can be accessed at any time via our Members Access Library. 

What is the difference between Live and Virtual? Live classes are in-person with your instructor, virtual classes are taken at home on your web-enabled device.

Do I need to be a member of the Burlington Surf Club to register for Surf Club Classes? No. 

What is Laughing River doing to maintain a safe environment? 

-All windows will be open in the Chace Mill.

-Both the Chace Mill & Surf Club have pre-marked spaces for yoga mats--measured 6 feet apart.

-Teachers will be masked at both the Chace Mill & Surf Club.

-Max capacity at the Chace Mill will be 11 students, Max at Surf Club is 24 students to adhere with social distancing protocols. 

-Hand Sanitizer will be provided at both the Chace Mill & Surf Club-- use of which is strongly encouraged when students first arrive.

-Chace Mill studio will be cleaned on a regular basis, with daily sanitizing protocols maintained by instructors and cleaning staff. 

Yoga Defined

The word yoga means “union” in Sanskrit (yuj), the language of ancient India where yoga began. According to the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali, a text outlining the basic philosophy and practices of Classical Yoga, yoga is when the mind stops and one recognizes their true nature. What is often referred to as “yoga” in our culture can be more precisely described by the Sanskrit word asana, which means physical posture.


Hatha Yoga, which describes much of the yoga practiced in the west, is the physical practice which includes postures, breath techniques and meditation.  Hatha Yoga is only one type of yoga.  It is actually part of Raja Yoga, the path of self-control.  Within Hatha Yoga there are many styles, including Vinyasa, Iyengar, Astanga, Bikram, Kundalini, Kripalu, Jivamukti and more.

Attending class

Need to leave early? Please let the teacher know so that they are not concerned when you leave early.  Make sure to give yourself a short rest before you go and to leave at a time that is appropriate for your body, meaning after the proper counter poses have been done and both sides of the body have been addressed equally (ex.  don’t leave after twisting on just one side).

What are props for?  Props are meant to enhance a student’s experience of a posture.  They can be helpful to support more ease and alignment in the poses and are also necessary for restorative yoga where they take over the work for the muscles.  Give them a try, then choose whether they are helpful for you.  Our teachers can help to assist you in how to use them properly.

Why do we chant? Chants can include anything from om to more elaborate verses.  The chanting of mantra focuses our minds on vibration and cuts through our habitual way of thinking.   Many of the Sanskrit chants have been passed down from the ancient Vedic verses of yoga.  Each vibration of sound has a specific effect on the mind.  You are welcome to join in right away or listen and join in when you feel ready.

What is Namaste? Namaste is a greeting sometimes used at the beginning and end of class.  In parts of Asia, like Nepal and India, it means hello or goodbye.  The literal translation is “The light within me honors the light within you.”

I do not want physical assists.  Can I still take a class?  We are no longer offering assists in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

I left something behind.  Can you help me find it? We have a lost and found in the check in area.  We will hold belongings here until the first of each month. At that time we will empty the lost and found and donate items to the Salvation Army.  If you leave behind something valuable give us a call (802-343-8119) OR if your message requires a more immediate response, please email devin@laughingriveryoga.com


Which class is right for me? This depends on you, all of our teachers are equipped to offer classes for all ability levels. We do recommend letting your teacher know whether you have any injuries or restrictions, or if it’s your first yoga class so that they can offer modifications. Our Gentle Vinyasa, Slow Yoga & Yin Classes are all great for beginners.  If you feel ready to dive in deep straight from the beginning, then you can begin anywhere (just remember to honor your body’s wisdom and let go of any achievement-sense). Our more vigorous classes are Spiritual Warrior, Jivamukti, Vinyasa, and Vigorous Vinyasa.

How often should I practice yoga? As often as possible! Even if you spend only 10-15 per days stretching or practicing conscious breath work, you’ll notice the benefits of your effort! Consistency is the key. After about four classes, things will begin to click.

Can I feel at home here? We want you to feel comfortable at Laughing River Yoga and a part of the community.  Please feel free to ask our instructors for anything you need.  Join us for special monthly workshops at the studio, participate in our blog and on Facebook, and enjoy LRY retreats.  LRY teachers like to know your name, please say hello! You are welcome here as you are. Namaste!

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