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Embodied Asana

***This intensive counts as 15 hours toward the 300 hr training.


Go beyond making shapes with the body and learn to feel into the transformative power of yoga āsana (yoga postures). Throughout the weeklong intensive, students will use āsana as the gateway for exploring the physical, energetic, emotional, wisdom, and bliss realms (koshas).


Participants will examine different categories of āsanas (standing, forward folds, backbends, twists, inversions), exploring inner and outer alignment, and how to apply this understanding to their own practice and teaching. Learning topics include a review of physical alignment principles, subtle body anatomy, refining inner and outer observation skills, physical assists, using props, and moving from a mechanistic to an integrated approach to āsana. Students will be invited to experience the body in yoga āsanas as a microcosm of the cosmos.


Yoga teachers and curious students will benefit from this immersion. At least one year experience of yoga āsana is recommended but not required.

What this immersion is not about:

- Advanced anatomy

- Becoming more impressive or aesthetic in āsana

- Physicality as an end goal

What this immersion is about:

- Expanding awareness through asana

- Increasing inner vitality

- Finetuning your personal practice and teaching


This week-long intensive will be held in-person at the Chace Mill M-F 8-11 am. 

Monday July 29-Friday August 2, 2024
M-F, 8-11am


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