chace mill location 


There is no way to fully honor the role that our past plays in our present without acknowledging that our studio rests on unceded Abenaki Land, land that belongs to the Indigenous Peoples of Vermont. We encourage all who come to practice at the Chace Mill to honor the voices of Indigenous Peoples and to recognize past and present colonizers' and governments' relentless attempts to erase Indigenous Peoples.


The world is full of suffering and full of beauty.  Until we realize our part in both, we remain disconnected from the web that is our shared human experience. The tenet “no one is free until we are all free”, originally written by Fannie Lou Hamer, acknowledges our inter-dependence. When we use the tools of yoga and meditation to explore who we are, our connection to others becomes clear.  Our individual liberation is intertwined with liberation for all.

With the original hardwood floors still intact, the Chace Mill space is rich with history.

Once a hub for manufacturing and production located along the Winooski river, the Chace Mill sourced the power of the rushing river water in order to provide energy for local industry.


Like a wise elder, the Chace Mill is a living, breathing testament to the role that our history plays in our future. Whether for drop-in classes, workshops, or yoga teacher trainings, our studio in the Chace Mill has held space for the growth, the joy, the pain and the healing of thousands of yoga practitioners over the past 10 years.

The Grandmother of our studio spaces, the Chace Mill is a one-of-a-kind space with plenty of stories to tell.


Join us to experience the magic of the Mill.