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candace taylor



Hey Folx! I’m Candace Jennifer and what I’m most passionate about is wholeness.


I believe we are all born whole and complete; this is our birthright.  


My wholeness is in direct connection to your wholeness and the wholeness of our earth.

We are intertwined with each other and the land in profound ways that we have forgotten.


I am here to help us remember.


My work is intersectional, trauma-informed and sacred; weaving together my experiences as a historian, educator and activist with my understanding of homesteading, herbalism, growing & cooking food and yoga.  


Its all connected.


Laughing River Yoga is my home yoga studio. After practicing yoga for 6 years its the space I chose to  deepen my studies in the 200hr yoga teacher training program in 2013 with Emily Garrett and Sofi Dillof.  Its the place where I met my teacher Will Duprey with whom I studied for 2 years and received my 500hr yoga teacher training certificate. Its the space I bloomed as both a student/practitioner and teacher of this ancient and sacred practice yoga.

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