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Bearing Witness to the Sacred Feminine: An Exploration of Yin Yoga 

These continue to be wild, confusing, paradoxical times. It seems fair to say that we are facing unprecedented challenges in the workforce, on the planet, and within our individual lives. Not an easy time, making it the perfect time to pause and gather - together - to bear witness to
the sacredness that is embedded within our ordinary lives.


Fear and grief are perfectly acceptable responses to the challenges at hand. But I believe there is also profound beauty and innate wisdom accessible within our daily experiences. I invite you to join me as we deepen our awareness and acknowledgement of the collective trauma of, and possibilities for, our planet and peoples. In this 3 part retreat experience, we will bring particular attention to the power of the sacred feminine, stillness, and reflection.


The sacred feminine celebrates the more feminine qualities and attributes that each of us possess -
transcending gender identity or assignment. Many wisdom traditions honor the feminine within. In Daoism, we hear of the sacred feminine in relation to yin and yang energies. The sacred feminine aligns with yin, expressing the softer energies peaceful, relaxation, compassion,
nourishment. Ours is a culture of more yang energies. It is quite radical of us to bring intentional focus to yin, the sacred feminine. Doing so in this retreat will allow us to raise awareness, cultivate balance and move toward our inherent wholeness. All are welcome to join this retreat, gender identity is not a barrier.


The intention for this Bearing Witness retreat is to create a safe space to gather, explore, and open gently to the sacredness held within each of us. Through mindfulness practice, yin postures, guided dialogue, and story sharing, we give space for wisdom and compassion to emerge,
allowing us to imagine pathways toward healing and the embodiment of our whole and sacred


The retreat will be held in three parts over three weeks at Laughing River Yoga on October 11, 18, and 25 from 7:15 – 8:45 pm – directly following the weekly Yin Yoga class (5:45-7 pm). You are invited to participate in the Yin Yoga Class prior to retreat sessions, as a way to take the inward turn, preparing to step into the container and bear witness to our individual, as well as collective experiences. Attending the Yin Yoga class prior is NOT a requirement; it is simply an invitation. The only requirement we ask is that if you register for the retreat, you commit to all three sessions as they are intimately connected by the guiding principles of:


Cultivating a mind of Not Knowing
Bearing Witness
Healing & Compassionate Action


During each session we will be engaging in yin poses, which are gentle postures held to support,
nurture, and open the body. You may wish to wear comfortable clothing so you can freely
participate. There will be yoga mats, bolsters, and blocks available for use at the studio.


This three part retreat experience will be offered to our COSMIC members and 2023 YTT Program participants at no extra charge. 

October 11, 18 & 25, 2023


Sliding Scale: $45/$55/$75

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