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Wings of Freedom: Mindfulness and Lovingkindness Retreat

“Like the two wings of a bird, Wisdom and Love are inseparable expressions of our natural awareness. The wing of Wisdom is our clear understanding of Truth, the nature of reality. The wing of Love is our capacity to respond to whatever we experience with a tender, caring, and appreciative heart. As we open these two wings of awareness, they carry us to the freedom of our awakened being.”


- Tara Brach

In this virtual afternoon program we will cultivate the wings of awareness by practicing mindfulness and loving kindness meditation in the sacred container of a silent retreat. There will be periods of guided and silent sitting and walking meditation, with plenty of instruction and support. This retreat is appropriate for all levels of meditation experience. 

This half-day retreat experience will be held online via ZOOM. All current 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training students may participate at no additional charge.

If you are unable to make a donation but would like to attend, please reach out to to secure your spot. Nobody will be turned away. 

October 28, 2023

Sliding Scale: $40-$65

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