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Visioning & Goal-Setting for the New Year

Visioning is an art and a skill used by Fortune 500 Companies, as well as creators, healers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders around the world.
Visioning and aligned goal setting are two of the most powerful skills you can utilize if you want to go from dreaming about the impact you want to make in your life — to making it a done deal.


In this workshop you will meet other like-minded yogis, soul-centered business owners, healers, and creatives who desire to create a bigger impact in their own lives, in their community, or in the world in a way that feels aligned, inspired, and most importantly —possible — over the next 12 months.


You’ll learn practical skills for aligning your mindset and habits to create a quantum leap in your soul-centered work and in your LIFE in 2023. You’ll leave this training with greater clarity around exactly what you want AND how to make it happen.


Krissy Leonard is a Business and Life Coach and the creator of The Aligned Female Entrepreneur, a women's business-building course and community that has helped hundreds of women all over the world create a profitable, soul-centered business in a way that is in integrity and aligned with their values, higher purpose, and unique gifts. She combines deep inner work for personal transformation with time-tested business strategies + systems to help women create the clarity, confidence, and cash needed to create a thriving business AND a fulfilling life.

This workshop will be held in-person at the Chace Mill. 

January 7, 2024

$27/$21 Cosmic Members


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