surf club

The Burlington Surf Club is located at 32 Lakeside Ave.down the beach from the St. John's Club and behind the new Hula building.  

If you plan to bike, please be advised that construction on the bike path begins 8/26 and the club will no longer be accessible via the bike path. Follow the route below through the Hula Site on your bike!

Paving will be taking place from Friday 10/2-Sunday 10/4. NO PARKING at the SURF CLUB! Access by foot or bike only. Limited parking in Hula lot (shown below.) Parking also available in large lot on Lakeside ave (just ahead of bridge on left)











Google map here.

Surfclub Tip: Bring/Wear layers!

The weather changes the closer you get to the water.

Class changes due to weather will be posted on facebook at least 1 hour ahead of the class start time. 

Get there Early!

Space on the yoga deck is limited to 13 people- overflow will be on the grass!

Please help us out by driving no faster than 5mph through the construction site on your way to the club. The driveway leading to the club is much different than last year and will require you to be alert and move cautiously through the construction materials and equipment. Please, please, please take it slow through here. 

check it out!

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