Yoga Training

This training is geared toward new and experienced yoga teachers as well as therapeutic professionals looking to deepen their knowledge and practice of restorative yoga.

In this course we will explore:

*The art and skill of teaching restorative yoga in both individual and group settings

*The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of relaxation

*Hands on adjustments


*How to work with a variety of props

*Relaxing and renewing pranayama practices

*Energy awareness and various sequences for chakras

*Basic Yoga Nidra

*Benefits and contraindications of restorative poses

*You will receive a handbook filled with the above information including pictures of all postures.

The rough outline of each day will look similar to the following:

Friday 7:15-9:15pm
7:15-7:45 pm Intention Setting & Pranayama
7:45-9 pm Lecture & Posture Clinic
9-9:15 pm Closing circle

Saturday 1-6 pm
1-2 pm Vinyasa Flow & Pranayama
2-5 pm Lecture and Posture Clinic
5-6 pm Restorative Class

Sunday 10:30-3pm
10:30-11:30 am Lunar Flow Practice
11:30-12:00 pm Pranayama and Meditation
12:00-2 pm Lecture and Posture Lab
2-3 pm Restorative Class led by Students

This weekend training counts toward 300 hr certification.

April 24th- 26th, 2020
Friday 7:15- 9:15 pm
Saturday 1:00- 6:00 pm
Sunday 10:30-1:30 pm