Meditation & Conversation

Meditation, Readings, and Sharing.

Welcome to the weekly group at LRY. 


**As of March 16, 2020 Meditation & Conversation will be held online via ZOOM from 10:30-11:30am, register for the class and receive your ZOOM link in your confirmation email!

This offering is held by-donation, with the proceeds donated to a charitable organization at the end of each Month. So far, we've donated to the Chittenden Food Shelf, Veterans Yoga Project, COTS, Migrant Justice, Immigrant Justice Corps and VT Food Bank.

This group provides an opportunity for our vibrant community to come together, practice meditation, and discuss inspiring books.  Each month we choose a text to work with.  Each meeting begins with meditation instruction and practice. After that, there will is a reading from the text followed by a group discussion.

The readings reflect the common theme of cultivating our highest selves for the purpose of personal and collective healing, and awakening.  We draw from Buddhist, Yogic, and other contemplative traditions, as well as contemporary spiritual writings. Participants are invited to suggest books, and to co-create the structure and process of the group.

Sundays 10:30- 11:30 am

June/July Book: Loving-Kindness:The Revolutionary Art of Happiness, by Sharon Salzberg 

August: How to Meditate: A Practical Guide to making friends with Your Mind by Pema Chodron

September/October: The Yamas and Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice by Deborah Adele

November/December: Being Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh

January/February: The Magnanimous Heart: Compassion and Love, Loss and Grief, Joy and Liberation, by Narayan Liebenson. 

March/April: Be Love Now by Ram Dass

May/June: Deep Hope:Zen Guidance for Staying Steadfast When the World Seems Hopeless by Diane Eshin Rizzetto.

July/August: Mindful of Race: Transforming Racism from the Inside Out by Ruth King

All are welcome to attend, whether or not you read the book. We look forward to seeing you.

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