Magic Square Workshop

with Lauren Godes

This workshop will be held online via ZOOM. Your ZOOM link will be included in your confirmation email.


The magic square, traditionally known as the Lo Shu, is a 3X3 square chart. It creates a map that divides territory into nine squares. The Lo Shu forms a mathematical pattern of integrity and fluency and offers information about the characteristics within each quadrant. It can be applied to all parts of our bodies, and also our lives, to give us information about our individual patterns and habits as well as direct us to the areas that could use more attention.


Typically drawn in the form of a 9 square chart, each square represents cardinal (N, E,S, W) and intermediate (NE,SE,NW,SW) compass directions. The even numbers are in the corners, the odd numbers form the cross with 5 at the center. The sums in each row, column and diagonals are 15: The Magic Constant. Classically referenced as having been discovered in the form of a turtle’s shell, we will discuss and explain how this ancient and profound map can be applied to your life and transform your practice.

November 7, 2020 


$25/$20 Members

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