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kelly (kishori) skinner


Kelly (Kishori) Skinner is a spiritual teacher who is a conduit of divine love, and a vehicle for Divinity's grace to heal and awaken. In this lifetime, her medicine is to help beings live radiantly and die gracefully through the practices of Bhakti Yoga, Energy healing & Reiki, and End of Life Doula Work. 

Kishori Gopi is her given devotional/yogic name in the Bhakti Yoga Lineage in which she is connected to the disciplic succession of teacher to student from thousands of years — Kishori is another name for young Radharani (the goddess, divine feminine, and consort of Krishna/Divine Masculine) in the mood of a Gopi (cowherd girl) eternally loving and dancing with Divinity. 

She teaches weekly yoga asana classes in Vermont, which are infused with yogic philosophy and flowing creative sequences connecting mind, body, and spirit like a cosmic dance. Kishori also leads international yoga retreats, and offers free Kirtan’s (congregational chanting/mantra meditation) with her Kirtan Band (Kishori & the Kartels). She also runs her own business in which she offers both group and 1-on-1 programs for energetic healing and deepening of your spiritual practice (meditation, subtle body healing, philosophy, and living yoga). 

Follow Kelly @kishorigopiyoga, 
and find more information on her website at:

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