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hope elliott


The Yoga practice has the ability to help us learn to accept ourselves for who we are while continuing to grow. Hope believes that yoga is truly for everyone and every body. She found yoga in her early twenties while she was experiencing severe depression and anxiety after leaving a verbally and emotionally abusive relationship. Her therapist at the time introduced her first to meditation to help quiet and focus her mind. She then encouraged Hope to seek out a yoga class and teacher that inspired her. Hope’s first eye-opening yoga class was a vinyasa yoga class at Zen and Now, in her hometown of Niantic, Connecticut.  She left class shocked by how much quieter her mind was. Hope realized that the focus of linking breath-to-movement was the perfect way to get in touch with herself and facilitate authentic lasting change.

Hope began her career in the fields of health promotion and clinical research with a focus on education and outreach. After five educational and rewarding years, she realized that clinical work was not the best gift of hers to share with others. After an inspiring solo trip to Barbados, lots of reading and soul searching, Hope decided the best thing she could offer  the world was sharing the gift of yoga. Hope’s work as a yoga teacher brings harmony, grace and meaning to her life. Hope hopes to extend the light that yoga has offered to her back to her immediate community as well as the global community at large.

With extensive experience in care-giving and mental health education, Hope seeks to help her students deepen their relationship with themselves through self-awareness. Hope’s yoga flows invite practitioners to be introspective and mindful of their own individual needs.
We are all interconnected.

Let us come together in the practice of yoga to deepen our understanding of ourselves in order to connect with others on a deeper level. With the tools yoga has to offer, Hope invites you to a practice that helps us live our lives with more intention and authenticity.

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