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Get Hip: Liberate Your Pelvis

***This weeklong intensive counts as 15 hours toward the 300 hr training.


The pelvis is a deep, mysterious and fascinating area of the body. Located at the base of the spine, it creates the foundation for everything above, including reproductive and digestive organs, breathing diaphragms and the shoulder girdle. The pelvis holds the deepest layer of muscle in the body. The interplay of these muscles affects everything above and below. Knee pain, lower back pain, neck and jaw pain can all emanate from an imbalance in the pelvis. Understanding pelvic anatomy and alignment is essential for anyone interested in cultivating healthy alignment and functional balance.

The pelvis has its own story, its own mythology and a history! When we begin to work with it, it is possible to free ourselves from old patterns that have been lodged in the body so that we can cultivate more ease, balance and even JOY in our lives.


As a yoga teacher, observing the patterns of the pelvis that show up in ourselves and individuals is a key component to being able to offer spot on assists that are of most benefit to our students. A healthy working knowledge of the pelvis guides us, and our students, to cultivating functional anatomy, ease and stability throughout the whole body.


In this weeklong intensive, we will learn pelvic anatomy and physiology. We will explore the mythology of the pelvis, and also the energetic and mental patterns that can lodge here. We will practice working with these many facets though yoga poses, breathing exercises, visualization and dialogue. As we spend time in different yoga poses, we will practice applying the knowledge that is generated throughout the week.


This intensive will cover:

the anatomy and physiology of the pelvis and main pelvic muscles

pelvic mechanics, including as they relate to different yoga poses

anatomy of the pelvic floor

basic yoga poses and pelvic assists

pelvic breathing

visualization and meditation techniques that integrate the pelvis

the interplay of pelvic muscles and pelvic organs


This is for anyone who is interested in uncovering the beauty and mystery that lives at the base of the spine! Be prepared to explore, practice, dialogue and have fun. Free your pelvis and your mind will follow.


This week-long intensive will be held in-person at the Chace Mill M-F 8-11 am. 

Monday July 8-Friday July 12, 2024
M-F, 8-11am


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