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Bodily Autonomy, Boundaries, & Consent Culture in Yoga Spaces and Beyond

***This workshop counts as 3 hours towards the Laughing River Yoga 300hr Teacher Training Program.


Please note that this workshop is not open to the public, it is for LRY Teacher Trainees only. It is being offered at no additional cost to students currently enrolled in the Laughing River Yoga 200hr Teacher Training Program. 



Bodily autonomy is the right to voice and choice over one’s own body. Specifically for women, nonbinary and trans people, BIPOC, and people with disabilities, this means making decisions about one’s physical self and the freedom to take up space in the world without shame or apology. How is our bodily autonomy supported or challenged in yoga spaces? How might our yoga practice be a path toward feeling, experimenting with, validating, and communicating our boundaries on and off the mat?



As humans can and will cause harm, how can we take accountability with grace and openness if our boundaries are crossed or we cross the boundaries of others? And when we feel embodied in our boundaries, what is our individual and collective power to create a culture of consent in our yoga spaces, and daily lives?


In this three-hour workshop, yoga and anti-violence practitioner Kim Jordan will guide us through discussion and reflection, play, and asana for deep listening to our own bodies and each others’ boundaries in the spirit of co-creating a culture of consent and accountability.


November 12, 2023


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