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Yoga for

Recovery is an opportunity that requires surrendering to 'what is’ so that the journey of healing mind, body and soul can begin. It also means releasing that which is no longer aligned with our lives; behaviors, patterns and resistance so that we can re-emerge with a desire to reclaim what is most important to us.

This 4-Week Series will guide you in building a foundation for healing and strengthening your sustained recovery by nurturing your nervous system, exploring tools to harness and manage your attention and unwinding the body to release and resist less through restorative & yin yoga practice, breathwork, stress management tools and writing prompts. As we experiment with different practices, you will discover what aligns with you, decide how you want to integrate these in your day to day life, and make a plan forward.


*This series is recommended for people 3 plus months into their recovery journey and is open to all types of recovery.


This series will be held in-person at the Chace Mill.

Sundays June 30-July 21,2024

Tiered Pricing: 
Community- 4 Weeks/$22
Sustainer- 4 Weeks/$42
Benefactor- 4 Weeks/$62

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