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Yoga for People in Helping Professions 

with Julia Howe

The past two years have been challenging for countless reasons. From navigating a global health crisis to witnessing increased cracks in political and social systems, from tending to our communities and families to trying to be gentle with our own hearts, many of us are left feeling depleted. This is especially true for those whose professions have landed them on the front lines of supporting others through this anxiety-provoking and confusing time.



In the helping professions, there's often an emphasis on self-care and filling one's cup to avoid compassion fatigue and burnout. That said, when entrenched in the work, those essential components of making the work sustainable can begin to feel like a myth or fantasy. This workshop is for those who have felt stretched thin emotionally and mentally due to their work in supporting others throughout the pandemic. If your self-care routine has slipped through the cracks, this could be a great opportunity to begin to recommit to your own wellbeing.



Open to all levels.

June 12, 2022

$25/$20 Cosmic Members