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Yoga for Navigating Change

with Gaby Goldberg

This series will be held online via ZOOM. Register online to receive your ZOOM link!


Explore navigating change in your life through yoga asana, pranayama, and philosophy. Yoga provides us with practical tools that guide integration of change and movement through the challenges, obstacles and discomfort that come with it. The changing nature of life asks us to adapt to new conditions, ways of thinking and being, and is an opportunity to consciously transform ourselves through honoring the birth-death-rebirth cycle. Change can move us deeper into practices of self-reflection and self-care in ways that catalyze, clarify, and uplift us. 


-Bring a journal for reflective writing (last 15 minutes)

-Get a copy of the Yoga Sutras or access Kofi Busia’s free translation of the sutras here.

We strongly encourage students to commit to all 4 sessions of the series!

April 7-28, 2021


4 Weeks/$49

$13 Single Class/10 Class Card/Monthly Unlimited