Yoga for Addiction and Recovery

with Mary Streeter

Things come into our lives uninvited, it's part of being human. Shame and fear take center stage and some days we are not sure we can find our way forward.

We can't stop the waves of struggle in our lives, but we can learn how to surf. We can ride the waves of struggle and still find joy. We can choose to live the most beautiful version of our life despite the struggles, or perhaps because of them.

This 4 weeks series will guide you through a journey of discovery and healing by tapping into your internal tools of resiliency. The weekly classes will integrate meditation, guided imagery, breath work, yin and restorative yoga. Weekly reflective journal prompts will be optional.

We are resilient beings. Let's come to our mats together, to share a safe space to heal and to strengthen our inner lights. To revive our resiliency.

This class series is for anyone struggling with addiction and/or healing from trauma or anyone in relationship with someone who is struggling with addiction and/or healing from trauma.


4 Weeks/$49

Single Class/10 Class Card/Monthly Unlimited