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Yoga for a Healthy Body & Self-Image

***This intensive counts as 10 hours toward the Laughing River Yoga 300 hr YTT Program.

In this weekend intensive, for yoga teachers and yoga practitioners with at least one year of experience, we will dive into understanding how yoga supports healing body and self image. Learn to facilitate empowering yoga spaces for people who struggle with negative self-perception, skewed body image, or mind-body disconnection through the framework of ancient yoga philosophy.


Identify how to break down barriers about who can practice yoga and how to apply this to a classroom setting or one to one sessions. Develop skills to adapt poses, movements, and language to work for different body types with a focus on larger bodies. Explore yoga philosophy that illuminates and connects us to our true nature in an embodied way. Enjoy and explore practices that invite you to fully live in and inhabit your physical body.


How you see and feel about your body and self, influences your daily experiences and everyone has a body and self image that’s connected to their sense of worth, self-love, self-acceptance, and belonging. Western yoga is intertwined with modern culture and standards of beauty in a way that creates misconceptions about who can and should practice yoga, telling us what bodies and identities are “acceptable” causing people to feel fragmented, disconnected, or unwelcome in certain spaces and practices like yoga.


This weekend intensive will meet in-person at the Chace Mill Saturday 12-5, Sunday 10:30-3:30.


Gaby has led classes, workshops and trainings about healing body image, self-image, and mindful eating since 2009.

October 14-15, 2023


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