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Yoga & Qigong: Half-Day Retreat to Expand Your Practice

We must create space and integrate that space in order to transform. Yoga Asana often focuses on strengthening and stretching our sinews by holding poses that challenge mind and body. When we challenge ourselves in this way, we are able to create space in our bodies and minds.




Drawing from ancient Chinese Shamanism, Qigong involves subtle movement which can help us integrate that new space into our everyday activities. The dynamic movements of Qigong focus on training our bodies to use only the physical effort necessary for a given movement. When we use less effort, we are less stressed out and have more energy to live our fullest lives.



This 4-hour half-day retreat experience will focus on the Five Element Qigong Sequence, associated with the Lung (Metal), Kidney (Water), Liver (Wood), Heart (Fire), and Spleen (Earth) Meridians. We will learn the pathways of these meridians and explore yoga poses that are connected to them and will include discussion of both Qigong and Yoga theory.



There will be a 30-minute lunch break during the course of the day!

April 16, 2023


$80/$64 Cosmic Members

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