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Yin Yoga &

The Koshas Training

with Emily Garrett

This two-part virtual training will take place online via ZOOM. Register online to receive your ZOOM link.


Learn the basics of Yin Yoga within the framework of the koshas. The koshas are the layers, or sheaths, that act as a veil between our outer self and our true self, the atman. When we develop practices that move us through these layers, then we are able to connect with the atman, the unchanging part of us that is complete and fully connected. Yin Yoga is a wonderful way to move through the layers and access this inner wisdom.

In this weekend workshop, Emily will outline the framework of the koshas, break down the basic philosophy and mechanics of Yin Yoga, and introduce meditative techniques that will support you in developing a more full and complete experience of yin yoga. You will learn how to create a space ripe for exploration, self acceptance and stillness while understanding the mechanics and process behind the practice. Open to teachers and those interested in learning more about Yin Yoga and the Koshas.


This workshop meets Saturday 1-4 and Sunday 1-4.

This workshop counts toward 300 hr YTT certification.

Participants will receive a bonus audio meditation on the koshas.

January 30-31, 2021



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