with Malaika DosRemedios
June 30
1-4 pm
$45/$36 members
Everything you do is an expression of prana. When you are conscious of prana, you have the option to direct and control it in a way that serves you. The more you can attune to it, the more you can increase it’s potency and quality. If you are not conscious of prana, you cannot control it.

Breath is the vehicle of Prana,
Prana is the life force.

Explore prana through working with the gentle fluctuations of the breath.  In this workshop we will dissect the physical and energetic anatomy of the breath, and learn how to use breath techniques to balance the system.  Learn how cooling breath techniques can help to regulate the body temperature over the hot summer months. This workshop will include asana, pranayama, and meditation in the form of practice, lecture, discussion, group and partner work.

All are welcome. No experience necessary!