with Kelly Skinner
February 9- May 3, 2020
Sundays 7-8:15pm
$15/10 class card/Unlimited
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Join us for a monthly full moon circle led by Kelly Skinner. A Reiki infused Full Moon Ceremony focusing on the astrological qualities of the full moon and specific ways to harness these energies to their fullest power. Will include guided meditation, slow flow, journaling, tarot card pulling and intention setting. The intention for this space is to gather in sacred community while harnessing the potent energy of the full moon to be still, let go of that which is no longer serving you, and plant the seed for that which you’d like to cultivate more of in your life each month. We will pull tarot & angel cards, chant mantras, meditate, and hold space for one another.The beautiful thing about rituals, especially those related to the moon, is that they invite you to get quiet. They ask you to plant seeds of intention and be one with the energy of our environment. Free from distractions. The moon, symbolic of the feminine, receives the light of the sun, shining it back to us with illumination. When the moon is full, its strong gravitational pull on the Earth makes for a time of peak creative energy and incredibly powerful intuitive breakthroughs. It’s about embodiment.