with Gerette Buglion

February 9, 2020
10:30-3:00 pm
$75/$60 members
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How do you embody your own power as a teacher while honoring the same in your students? 

How does power show up in your yoga class or community?  

What does a class of empowered students really look like? 

How can you best address and support those who have experienced trauma from the abuse of power within yoga? 

Empowerment is the essence of what yoga teachers want for students: promoting self-confidence and inspiring a grounded connection with body, mind and spirit. But in one glance we can find examples of abuse of power and the trauma it brings, in yoga schools across the globe – and right here in Vermont. How does this happen? Power dynamics are inherent in teacher-student relationships, making it essential for yoga teachers to understand the complex and nuanced dynamics of hierarchy. This workshop is designed to shed light on power dynamics that exist in all yoga communities (whether we are conscious of them or not) and empower teachers through tools, techniques and increased personal understanding to create yoga environments imbued with reciprocity, integrity and healing.

About Gerette:

I have been an educator for most of my life – starting with early childhood and outdoor education then moving into elementary and special education and now, I am a Cult Awareness Educator. My new career arises out of an 18 year odyssey with a therapist/teacher who both inspired and trapped me in what I now know is the classic profile for a spiritual/psychological cult. When I snapped out of that destructive group in May of 2014, I began my life anew, deeply humbled and passionately riveted to the study of power dynamics and harmful groups of all kinds. Around the same time, Reiki became a foundation stone of my own healing process and in 2016 I became a Reiki teacher and active practitioner. Also in 2016, I began teaching Yoga Power Dynamics for Green River School of Yoga’s 200 hour YTT.