with Kelly Skinner
February 17-March 9, 2020
Mondays 4:30-5:30pm
4wks $50/10 Class/Unlimited/Single Class
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This gentle flowing class will include chanting (mantra), healing movement, and meditation. Each week, we will introduce a new mantra to understand and chant in community. You will move with ease as I guide you through longer holds and slow transitions, while also building heat flexibility and strength. The soft nature of this class will allow you to explore your mind and body from within surrounded by our community of powerful energy and vibrant light. All levels.

What is mantra?

Mantra means “a tool for the mind”. It is a sacred utterance or a repetition of sounds. When we chant a mantra it begins to strengthen our mind and soften our hearts. Scientifically, meditation and mantra help us to strengthen the ‘white matter’ in our minds (our connections). These chants can often be as simple as the word OM or can become more complex and just as beautiful! Join us to find out for yourself just how powerful words can be.

“Words cast spells, that’s why we call it spelling.”